Dance! Global Fusion Festival
"FemUnity" Edition | 28 June - 02 July 2023 | Hannover & Online

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Seize the opportunity to study with globally renowned instructors either from the comfort of your own home or live at the studio.
All workshops will be streamed live via Zoom, the recordings will be available for a month after the workshops.

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350 €

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Full Pass for Workshops & Lecture


This package includes all 8 workshops / lecture of the "FemUnity" edition of the Dance! Global Fusion Festival.

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Wednesday, June 28 - Friday, June 30

Intensive schedule including breaks:

Wednesday, June 28 | 2 - 8 pm CEST

Thursday, June 29 | 2 - 8 pm CEST

Friday, June 30 | 11 am - 4 pm CEST

14+ hours intensive | LIVE

FCBD®-Style Intensive

Flamenco inspired FCBD®-Style Intensive with Agata, Katarzyna and Gudrun

Join us for a dance adventure with flamenco inspired FCBD®-style set! Journey through different vibes of music using FCBD®-style movement dialect with flamenco fan, manton and your skirt, learning to adapt dancing with different props and to express an underlying storyline through emotional shifts in your dance.

We have 3 amazing instructors co-teaching this performance intensive: Agata will teach you how to present the song with the powerful and dramatic manton, Kasia will go through the music interpretation with an elegant fan and Gudrun will bring vibrancy and happiness dancing with the skirt.

You will not only gather valuable experiences in perfecting performance, but will also be guided through the musicality of the set and - last but not least - learn how to organize a FCBD®-style set with different props.
3 - 4 weeks before the intensive participants will receive upfront information about music, costuming and step choice.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Pre-knowledge with the movement dialects with manton, flamenco fan and skirt are of advantage

Friday, June 30

Friday, June 30 | 6 - 7.40 pm CEST

Workshop | ONLINE


with Amel Tafsout


The Ouled Nayl is an Amazigh tribe that lives high in the Aures Mountains of East Algeria. The Ouled Nayl tribe is where the nayli dance derived. The Algerian Nayliyat fascinated and inspired the west for more than a century. They became famous worldwide through many western writers as well as through colonial postcards. Due to colonialism their dance tradition disappeared and was distorted by Orientalist misconceptions of the tradition.

Fortunately, today the Nayli dance is represented by the Algerian National Ballet to give it more respect as a cultural heritage. Amel Tafsout’s tribe came from the same area as her grandfather was a Cadi (a judge) in that area. She did a lot of research about these incredible dancers and has published an article about them and their proud dance.

“The dancer does not walk she slides along."

In this class you will learn the dance techniques, duet combinations, cultural backgrounds, costuming, and more.

Level: Open

Friday, June 30 | 8 pm - 9.40 pm CEST
Lecture | ONLINE

Amulets, Talismans and symbols in the Islamic World and the Maghreb

with  Amel Tafsout

The belief that certain objects possess powers against danger and disease is found throughout the world
and has always existed. It was important to collect and classify the survival of popular beliefs and
traditions and to trace their original source. Much of their meaning has been lost during the centuries.
Around every stage of life, a variety of symbols were used although some of them appear meaningless
nowadays. Such objects that were worn round the neck to prevent disease or to protect the person from
danger or misfortune, are often called talismans or amulets.

Amel Tafsout will define the difference between Amulets, talismans and symbols by giving some
examples and then will focus on North African Amazigh (Berber) tribal marks.

Level: Open

Saturday, July 1 

Saturday, July 1 | 10 - 11.40 pm CEST
Workshop |  LIVE & ONLINE

Infinite Flow

with Melli Sarina

Discover my favorite combos and techniques to create liquid waves in the body.
We will open the body, look at transitions and drill my signature combos put together to an infinite flow. 

Level: advanced beginner - advanced intermediate 

Variations for different level dancers will be available

Saturday, July 1 | 12 - 1.40 pm CEST
Workshop | LIVE & ONLINE

Zills - more than just a prop!

with Theresa Rose

Discover the musician in you. Whether you're struggling with the basic longa pattern or you're already very confident with your zills, this workshop will give you tools and inspiration to take the next steps on your personal zill journey.

We will:
- Explore training methods to improve speed and dexterity
- Learn different notation systems for zills
- Play multiple sounds per hand
- Practice standard patterns and rhythms

For this workshop you will need a pair of zills with tight elastics, a notebook or something to write with. A couple of pairs of zills can be borrowed, if you need this please contact the festival organization or the instructor after registration.

There will be no dancing in this workshop, so wear something comfortable to keep you warm while you sit.

Digest and Zill: Since we will be focusing on making music, this workshop is also perfect to attend after lunch with a full belly.

Take your zill playing to the next level!

Level: Open

Saturday, July 1 | 2 - 3.40 pm CEST
Workshop | LIVE & ONLINE

Fusion Choreo & Creative Toolbox

with Iza Cichowska

During the workshop you’ll learn part of Iza’s fusion bellydance choreography. Flow into fusion gooey goodness, cut it with sharp isolations and twist your brain with challenging layerings.
Iza will also throw in some of her favourite tips for building combos and choreos that will help you create your own magic on the stage.

Level: Intermediate

Saturday, July 1 | 4 - 5.40 pm CEST
Workshop | LIVE & ONLINE

The Siren Project Manton Dialect: Transitions, Combos, Performance Skills!

with Agata Zakrzewska

This class will teach you the most efficient and interesting ways to combine manton steps into longer combos. We will review some important details of armwork with manton and analize fast and slow manton steps in terms of beginning and ending positions, lines and shapes, how they fit together or contrast. 

Agata will also share some music interpretation tips and ideas for planning a manton performance - suitable for a solo, small formation or a large group. Altogether - you will gain inspiration and some important performance skills!

Level: Suitable for dancers familiar with at least the basics of manton dialect

Sunday, July 2

Sunday, July 2 | 12 - 1.40 pm CEST
Workshop | LIVE & ONLINE

The Siren Project Dialect Steps with and without the Fan

with Katarzyna Lidia

Learn new and less known steps straight from The Siren Project flamenco inspired dialect, such as Body Wave Combo, Music Box Step, 3 Bump Jump and others (slow and fast), which you can first dance without a prop exploring new moves ideas.

Then we will also add our elegant fan to them, showing its various possibilities. We will practice this variations in groups, dancing in combinations.

You need a large fan (28-32 cm) that opens easily, made of wood or plastic.

Level: Open level with basic knowledge of fan dialect

Sunday, July 2 | 2 - 3.40 pm CEST
Workshop | LIVE & ONLINE

Practice Skills

 with Melli Sarina

I will share how I've structured my regular practice to evolve into a worldwide acknowledged fusion dancer and teacher.
Analyze your bodies strengths, how to keep your body moving and most important how you can develop a training that can be maintained even through stressful times.

Level: Open

Spots are limited

We want to make sure you get the chance to receive personal feedback from your instructors! That is why the workshop spots are strictly limited - both online and in the studio. It's first come, first served - so don't wait too long!

Sliding Scale

Your workshop fee is on a sliding scale. That means that you can decide for yourself how much you are willing and able to pay for the workshop(s).
As a global online event organizer, we are aware of the fact that money is not distributed evenly amongst all of the world’s regions and social strata. That is why we are calculating our fees on a sliding scale. If you are low on funds you are welcome to pay the lower fees. We are asking no questions about your actual financial status, but we believe that the international dance community is based on solidarity. If you find yourself in a comfortable financial position we are grateful if you can pay a fee that is higher on the scale. Thus, you are providing fair payment for the work of the organizers and teachers while supporting fellow dancers who are less privileged. 

Thank you!

Live & Online

Workshops and lectures that are marked as LIVE & ONLINE will be held in the studio and streamed online. Those that are marked as ONLINE will be streamed from the space of the instructor and can be attended online but also live in the studio where we will be joining the online workshop all together. 

The intensive is marked as LIVE which means that this can only be attended live in person.

More information regarding our location for this year can be found here.

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