Dance! Global Fusion Festival
"FemUnity" Edition | 30 June - 02 July 2023 | Hannover & Online


2023 edition "FemUnity"

30 June - 02 July 2023

Live in Hannover, Germany & Online Worldwide

Our teachers for 2023


Agata Zakrzewska • Amel Tafsout • Gudrun Herold • Iza Cichowska
Katarzyna Lidia • Melli Sarina • Theresa Rose


Workshops & Lecture



30 June - 02 July | Festival Weekend


Festival 2023

United in Diversity

The goal and dream of this festival is to create an opportunity to learn and grow together. Let us explore dance in all its diverse beauty and find a connection between each and every individual.

Based in Hannover and the Black Forest

The organisation team of Dance! consists of Gudrun and Theresa of the Many Moons Dance and Yoga Studio in Offenburg as well as Dani and Elena of the Calaneya Dance Academy from Hannover, Germany. We are grateful for the opportunity to create this festival, which combines our expertise in organising events with our global network of great dancers!